Agate – The Medicine Stone of Balance

Agate is a balance stone to use in most rituals. Agate will focus your concentration during a ritual. Agate is a powerful protection stone also,especially for children. Never tell a lie in a room with an agate, as the lie will come back on you.

Agate – The Medicine Stone of Balance»»

The powers of Blue Lace Agate stones

Blue Lace Agate – The Calming stone.

Blue Lace Agate is a calming stone. It is a good stone to meditate with before doing a ritual. The powers of Blue Lace Agate stones»»

Fire Agate is a defensive protector

Fire Agate is strong defensive protection. If you feel anyone is wishing you ill or is sending bad vibrations your way, this is the stone you must have. You can feel secure with a fire agate in your right pocket. Fire Agate is a defensive protector»»

Moss Agate – The Warrior’s stone

Moss Agate is so called because the rock has inclusions which are trapped pieces of prehistoric plants, usually moss. It is often referred to as the Warrior’s Stone. Moss Agate – The Warrior’s stone»»

Secrets of the Crystal Skulls

Eighty years of exploration and study reveal the secrets of the Crystal Skulls, maybe. In 1924, the famed British banker-turned-adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges led an expedition deep into the Central American jungles of British Honduras (now Belize).

Secrets of the Crystal Skulls»»

Cyclops Agate or Seeing Eye Agate

Cyclops Agate, also known as Seeing Eye Agate or just Eye Agate, comes from Mexico and is a powerful protection stone. Cyclops Agate or Seeing Eye Agate»»